Getting organized is often one of the biggest challenges when it comes to fundraising. The Giving Pilot’s online fundraising platform doesn’t just streamline the fundraiser process itself, it makes it simpler to assemble your flight team so you can all get en route to your destination with no delays.We have a process that’s easy to follow so you can communicate effectively with those helping with your fundraiser, from first contact to follow-ups checking on progress, to the “thank you” email once the fundraiser’s complete and you’ve reached your goals with a little help from The Giving Pilot.

Fundraising Navigator

Our Fundraising Navigator is a user-friendly dashboard that helps you on your fundraising journey. Using advanced analytics and a design that allows you to see and understand your progress, it’s nothing but clear skies on this fundraising flight.

The Fundraising Navigator dashboard also ensures you and your team can avoid delays and keep on track and on time with your campaign.


Have an idea that could make a big difference in the world? Crowdfunding could be right for you. Crowdfunding campaigns are versatile appeals for your community’s support. Use a campaign landing page to accept general donations, raise money for a specific project, or drive support for a time-based initiative.

Crowdfunding is a centralized way to fundraise and your donations will come in via one campaign page, differentiating it from peer-to-peer fundraising.

Peer to Peer

Unlike crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising is more of a team effort. The people you onboard to your fundraiser will raise money on behalf of your organization via their own page under your overall campaign’s umbrella, so to speak.

Peer-to-peer is a great way to get more people involved and potentially reach a wider audience, with each member sharing their online fundraising pages with their friends and families. The more, the merrier!

Event Ticketing

Users of The Giving Pilot sell tickets to their fundraising events. By providing us with a little information, we then create a ticketing page for you and provide the tools you need for your organization to sell as many tickets as possible and reach your fundraising goals.

From initial setup to people completing their RSVPs, we simplify the process so you can easily keep track of who’s coming and progress made. And if your event has to be unfortunately canceled, you can quickly message all members and attendees through our platform.