About Giving Pilot

The Giving Pilot is an online fundraising platform that provides nonprofits with a better way to create, market, and manage their own fundraising or event ticket-selling website.

When it comes to fundraising, there are plenty of tried and true methods, but what if there was a better, easier way? The Giving Pilot offers just that. We help you make a more significant impact and reach a wider audience.

Our subscription-based model is more cost-effective and easier to manage than setting up your own website and we provide all the tools you need, from takeoff to landing.

Unlike other online fundraiser platforms, The Giving Pilot was created with the goal of helping others help and impact their communities via a fundraising platform that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and above all, an effective tool for fundraising.

We at The Giving Pilot offer to crowdfund and peer-to-peer fundraising platforms, meaning you can target whatever size and scope of an audience you want and need. We know each fundraiser ⁠— just like each organization ⁠— has different goals, and we offer a variety of ways to reach those goals.

And because we know each organization is different, we also recognize the different financial limits some nonprofits face. We offer four different levels of fundraising subscriptions to ensure you get what you need whatever your budget may be.

We want to help you launch a movement to help others so your fundraising can take flight for a good cause. The Giving Pilot exists to help you take your fundraising to new horizons.